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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who likes Chipotle?

Tomorrow is the opening of Chipotle on Telegraph. If the buzz from your friends who have eagerly awaited this day is not enough publicly for the store, the free food given out to students yesterday and today should draw some attention. If you act fast, they are giving away food today until 7PM with a Cal student ID.

Take for example this line of students at 3:30 today:

According to the new version of Calstuff, the line at 12:10 was around the block.

I am glad there is finally a store in that location. When I came to Berkeley two years ago there was a Greg’s Pizza place there, but it closed within a month. If you want to look at Telegraph revitalization, replacing closed businesses is a good first step, but two years is a long turn around time. I will be very happy when Walgreens moves in across the street. Rexall’s will have to offer competitive prices or go out of business.

Whether you like Chipotle or not, it has a following and will do well on Telegraph. If you want to avoid the lines, try Mario’s a few blocks down at Telegraph & Haste. I ate there last night and thoroughly enjoyed my super burrito.

If I would have been more observant yesterday I would have passed on the word about the free food giveaway earlier. However my skill is spilling salad and coffee on my pants not finding free food.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice to see new stores on the Avenue.

Now if UC will PLEASE put up a couple of 20 story dorms on Peoples Park so we can move out of the Sixties.