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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Award goes to...

As promised more about the impeachment. The good thing about being lazy is Beetle will say all the important stuff.

So I will give out a few awards for the evening:

Best Case: Sonya Banerjee
She destroyed the case against her. Knowing the JRPs can be helpful.

Most Pointless: Ben Narodick
This is nothing against Ben, but his testimony was stricken from the record. I don’t remember why exactly, just that it had the effect of him never actually being there.

Most Predictable: Suken Vakil
He has been known to lie to the Judicial Council before. Now he used his chance to play fast and lose with the truth in front of the Senate.

Biggest Fool: Dimitri Garcia
He could not name any of the four senators who filed the charge sheet with him, did not know how long Banerjee had been a justice, nor when she became chair. Aside from at least vaguely knowing some of this from deciding to impeach Chair Banerjee, if Garcia paid attention to the trial he sat through as a juror he would have gotten the answer to all of these questions.

Not content to let this stand, Garcia then said Banerjee assassinated this character by questioning him like this. Trying to blame someone for exposing your ignorance is just plain stupid.

Most Courageous: Jeff Mannassero
He stood up to the Student Action backed impeachment voting.

Biggest Tool: Everyone who voted for impeachment
Sonya ripped apart the case against her. I don’t see the reasoning anyone could have for voting for impeachment other then political revenge. I have been following all the ASUC cases since the beginning and I was actually at a couple of the hearings, and I don’t remember seeing any of the senators at the J-council hearings.

Most removed from the Case: All the people from UC Davis
It was fun to see people who had no connection to the case watch the proceedings. One of their blogs with commentary is here. Even these outside observers could see the stupidity of the SA voting block.

If you have any awards of your own, give them out.


Bobby said...

This is great stuff. I wish I had known about this temporary home sooner.

Christopher Page said...

I just started posting stuff, but I will try to keep stuff up to date.