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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Video from tasering protest

If you missed the demonstration on campus yesterday about the tasering of the UCLA student, here are two brief clips from The Patriot.

Clip One
Clip Two

There is a complete article accompanying the video clips which I will post when I get it.

As if one day of protests was not enough, there was another thing on Sproul today. I only saw it for a moment, but there was an Iranian student group speaking on the Savio Steps about the incident.

My own feelings about this are twofold. First and most importantly, the student should have shown his ID or left the library if he did not want to produce it. Second, the police should have picked him up and carried him out of the library instead of tasering him repeatedly.

If people are going to check police brutality, I am going to ask they also crack down on the stupidity of students like the one at UCLA.


David said...

The anit-taser rally against the war? Why can't a rally be about the topic it's supposed to be about?

Anonymous said...

Reportedly the student was leaving the library when the police arrived.