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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New home for now

Greetings all.

With the site down for the time being I will be posting stuff here. The last month or two have been dim in the Berkeley blogsphere. First Waste Today went the way of the dinosaurs. Which is sad, especially since John was funny. Then Calstuff died. While a resurrection is in the works, we will be without the colored commentary until that happens. It was a sad time. Then calpatriot went down.

One bright spot has emerged. The Daily Cal has its own blog, the clog. While it is still being put together, it has good potential.

I am looking forward to using this blog interface. I have thought about getting a blog of my own for a while, but I kept deciding it would be too much work to post there and on calpatriot. I would also want to talk about numerous personal and emotional issues I am dealing with. A lot of that stuff I don't want certain people to know about so for the time being I will keep it to myself.

Since he has mentioned me lately, links and props to Alex.

Ten bucks says Beetle will read this before anyone else.