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Friday, December 1, 2006

Yoshua v. Condoms

As I was getting my daily two hour existence on Sproul today, I found some literature attesting today as World AIDS Day. The flyer had general facts about AIDS such as how many people were infected with AIDS worldwide but no information that would be directly useful to me about the disease.

Separate from where I got the above sheet, I was handed a condom and told today was world AIDS day. The interesting thing is the condom had no information about AIDS with it. In fact the package and attached paper were both advertisements for the travel company ironically named Lonely Planet.

The KY jelly man was also out on Sproul, but so was Yoshua. In case you have not personally met Yoshua, he is a man that passes out information sheets he makes himself. He proclaims that we should all be baptized in the name of Yoshua. This character proclaims names like Jesus are corruptions of the name of Yoshua, the one true messiah.

It was a great sight, seeing the KY man and his friends and Yoshua competing by flyering passing students. Yoshua countered his competition by telling students to read the Bible.

The message I took away from World AIDS Day is go out and use the condom I just got. Yoshua said read the Bible, which I would recommend, but I fear his message is lost when he adds his papers were going like hotcakes. Since I did not get any information about stopping the spread of AIDS in my own life I will suggest three steps to avoid infection:

1) Don’t have unprotected sex. Step one is stop hooking up with people on a weekly basis.

2) Don’t use intravenous drugs (unless directed to by a doctor). While people say clean needles save lives, no needles and no heroin save even more lives.

3) Avoid dirty needles. This is the easiest, don’t stick your hand in the boxes in medical centers that say CAUTION: Sharp Needles. In Berkeley this also means don’t walk through People’s Park.

There was no noon rally for the Big Game which was depressing. I had been thinking about Cal songs during my class the hour before. I was told the bonfire rally would be as good as six noon rallies and it was great. My only complaint is it lacked my favorite feature of the noon rally, which is it is at noon.

Burn those trees and


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yaman said...

Some friends of mine took Yoshua-man (his name is David) out to lunch of a few weeks ago. They said he was an interesting guy.

There is some merit to what he says. Yoshua is the Hebrew name for the Messiah, and in Arabic Christians refer to Jesus as Yasoo`a. He wasn't actually called Jesus.