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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Public Employee Union Wins, People Suffer

As you may recall a few weeks ago AC Transit, our lovely bus provider, asked its highly paid employees to share in some of the sacrifices that we are all making in this tough economy. They said no, and eventually a judge let them have their way. Keep in mind that the average BUS DRIVER gets paid $98,800 in pay and benefits BEFORE overtime just for the privilege of scowling at you when you board their bus.

So it's natural that in a time like this these drivers would be asked to sacrifice. Unfortunately the Amalgamated Transit Union, which also represents the BART employees who came within hours of stranding riders list year over a refusal to help that agency with its budget crisis, has refused to put in its fair share. So now riders will suffer, with many lines being cut and overnight service facing near elimination.

It's another example of public employee unions getting their way at the expense of the public they serve.

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