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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did State Treasurer Bill Lockyer Lie to the Daily Cal?

Last night, California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer (Democrat) came back to his alma mater to talk about the budget crisis. In the midst of his visit, he sat down and talked with the Daily Cal. One of the questions was about what students who are having financial difficulties can do to improve their situation. The last part of his response is as follows:

The University of California needs to find a way to maximize aid to
students, and the students need to keep lobbying. Proposition 25, which is on
the November ballot, could also help students and parents, seeing as the budget could be determined by two-thirds of voters rather than the politicians


Proposition 25, for those that are unfamiliar, is a ballot measure in November's election that would lower the threshold to pass a budget to a majority instead of two thirds, thus ensuring one party rule in Sacramento. It is perhaps the most important "No" vote you should cast this year.

It is an utter mystery where Lockyer gets the claim that Prop 25 would empower the voters in any way. It also doesn't take power away from the politicians - indeed it gives power to them by allowing them to pass a budget without consulting their colleagues on the other side of the aisle. The only thing it does do is dock legislators' pay if the budget is late. It doesn't take any power away from them. Read the text for yourself. There is nothing there about giving power to voters or taking it away from politicians. Not even proponents try to claim it does. Lockyer's statement can't be defended as political spin - it simply has no factual basis at all.

Either the treasurer was ill informed (unlikely, in which case he needs to issue a correction), was misquoted by the Daily Cal (possible, yours truly has been misquoted by the DC not once but twice, but if this is the case then Lockyer needs to request a correction) or he is trying to mislead Cal students into voting for Prop. 25 based on false pretences. In any case, the treasurer owes us an explanation.

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